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Services Offered

BAC-IN works with vulnerable adults and families from BAME communities. Many individuals from diverse faith backgrounds including Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, non-believers and atheists access our service. There is no judgement, no one is turned away regardless of belief or non belief.

Positive impact

BAC-IN over the past 16 years have had a positive impact on many lives and played a distinct role in specialist service provision in Nottingham and Nottingham-shire and across the East Midlands.


BAC-IN, has empowered many individuals to:

  • Achieve & sustain a lasting recovery

  • Make responsible lifestyle changes

  • Improve well-being, relationships & family life

  • Enhance social activity

  • Increase community participation

  • Progress into education, training and volunteering

  • Seek & secure employment

  • Access to housing support

  • Address experience of multiple disadvantage

  • Become productive members in the community


1:1 Support

BAC-IN offers a Transformative Recovery Programme for men and women who are seeking recovery from drug and alcohol misuse and related multiple disadvantage. 1:1 support can help to address personal issues related to mental health, anxiety, depression, including relationship conflicts, trauma and multiple forms of abuse. It can also allow space for reflection, mindfulness and personal development.

Family Support

BAC-IN recognises that addiction affects the whole family in many ways and life can be challenging for those who live with someone who is misusing alcohol or drugs.  We, also understand the difficulties families can face when accessing support, these can include fear, guilt and shame or not being able to find the right service that is culturally responsive to their needs, beliefs and values.

BAC-IN family support addresses these difficulties in a culturally sensitive, safe and supportive environment. Brief aspects of family support include, exploring co-dependency, managing stress, resolving relationship conflict and improving healthy communication. These can be achieved through:
• 1:1 support 
• Group support
• Phone support
• Home visits
• Referral to other appropriate services

Group Support 

BAC-IN self help support group provides a unique, culturally responsive environment where service users can connect, be a part of and share their experiences as they relate to their culture, ethnicity, beliefs, values and spirituality within an ambience that mirrors their cultural heritage, lived experience and backgrounds.


This group provides a culturally tailored, peer led forum that acknowledges diversity, values difference and embraces a choice of psycho-social cultural, faith-based and spiritual perspectives to addiction recovery, rehabilitation and well-being

Community Outreach 

BAC-IN carries out regular outreach work by liaising and building relationships with local communities as well as distributing information about BAC-IN support services.  

BAC-IN provides outreach support and is flexible in meeting individuals in locations/places convenient to their needs such as health centres, places of worship and community centres.

Help towards Education,

Training &  Employment

BAC-IN can help you towards accessing education, training, volunteering and support in seeking employment.  This may include accessing education courses in the community, colleges or a university setting as well as access to a range of training and apprenticeship programmes within Nottingham City.   BAC-IN offers a short employability course covering a range of subjects related to seeking employment, i.e. CV building, job searching skills and preparing for an interview.

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