Who we are

BAC-IN, a Nottingham based, specialist drug and alcohol recovery support service for individuals, families and young adults from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities.  An award winning, grassroots community service inspired and founded in 2003 by individuals in recovery. We believe support from others who have been through addiction is one of the most effective and therapeutic route to recovery.

Our approach

We provide a holistic and culturally tailored approach to addiction recovery, mental health and multiple disadvantage to help individuals to realise the best of their life potential.  The essence of lived experience, addiction recovery and cultural expertise is at the heart of BAC-IN’s guiding philosophy and organisational principles. We offer a range of activities, including 1:1 support, group support, counselling, recovery coaching, leadership mentoring, personal development workshops and specialist training.

Collaborative work

BAC-IN is a culturally responsive, not culturally exclusive service; we work collaboratively with GP’s, local services and other appropriate healthcare providers.  We work in partnership across all sections of society sharing good practice and training for the betterment of all communities.

Alternative model

The need to form BAC-IN was driven in response to an ‘unmet need’, under-representation and gap within commissioned mainstream drug and alcohol services in Nottingham. BAC-IN provides an alternative model that is culturally responsive & offers a choice of psycho-social, cultural, faith-based and spiritual perspectives to addiction recovery, rehabilitation and well-being.

‘In all walks of life we frame our understandings based on the lens we apply and the

lives we have lived’

Our Vision

To enable individuals to achieve sustainable recovery, make responsible lifestyle changes and build positive relationships.

Our Ethos

BAC-IN is a grass roots service that offers innovative solutions inspired by lived experience, positive impact of Transformative Recovery and shared voices of the under-served/seldom engaged BAME communities. 

Our dedicated staff and volunteers (former service users) are deeply committed to making a difference in transforming lives of individuals and their families.


Service users (we prefer to call ‘friends of BAC-IN’) are at the heart of BAC IN’s philosophy, service design, peer led engagement through to planning and decision making.  We are deeply committed to service user involvement, consultation and participation.

BAC-IN 2 Life recovery is an expression of the community an ‘energy of change’ inspired by the communities.

Our Approach (continued)

We provide a holistic and culturally tailored approach to addiction recovery, mental health and multiple disadvantage to help individuals to realise the best of their life potential.

BAC-IN’s peer led values are rooted in:

•   Offering warmth, welcome and a

    non-judgmental approach
•   Respect for human dignity,

    autonomy and empowerment

    of personal responsibility
•   Shared equality within the

    therapeutic relationship
•   Never turning anyone away who

    needs help regardless of their

    ethnicity or background
•   Going the extra mile and never

    giving up on anyone

278-290 Huntingdon House, Huntingdon Street,
Nottingham,  NG1 3LY
Tel:  0115 9524333         

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