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Service user Voice

Since 2003 BAC-IN has been proactive in helping to amplify the authentic voices of BAME communities and challenge health and commissioning inequalities, including highlighting barriers to access, cultural issues and alternative recovery focused solutions. We continue to participate in local and national research, public consultations and health needs analyses to ensure that ‘BAME service user voice’ impact policy, decision-making and commissioning structures.

Project Ahryzen Action Research Report 2019

Supporting BAME Communities facing multiple disadvantage

Thinking Big

How to use theory of change for systems change - March 2018

Alcohol Change UK

July 2019

Rapid Evidence Review

2009 - 2019

Ten years of tackling multiple disadvantage nationwide

Nottingham City Council


BME Health and Needs Assessment 2017

Fabion Report

People Not Problems

Politicians respond to five experiences of severe and multiple disadvantage

Synergi Collaborative Centre

Synergie National Consultation on priorities to address ethnic inequalities in severe- mental illness October 2019

Ethnic Inequalities in Mental Health

Promoting Lasting Positive Change - Report of Findings to Lankelly Chase Foundation, Mind, The Afiya Trustand Centrefor Mental Health

Lived Experience Leadership

Rebooting the DNA of Leadership

Shaped by the insights, perspectives and views of 30 social leaders using their lived experiences to lead positive change in society,

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