Project Ahryzen

Project Ahryzen (2017-2020) 

“Ahryzen” describes a path of self-discovery, a journey of awakening from the struggle of addiction to creating new beginnings through the application of Transformative Recovery.

In 2017 BAC-IN was awarded a two year grant by Lankelly Chase to deliver ground-breaking Project Ahryzen in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University.  Project Ahryzen action research aims to explore through the authentic voice of lived experience the lives of BAC-IN peers, hidden experiences of disadvantage and the development of a successful model for supporting BAME communities facing multiple disadvantage.

A partnership of ‘diverse equals’ with different skills, resources and experiences;


  • Lived experience of addiction, recovery and multiple disadvantage

  • Cultural competence/expertise & culturally responsive recovery solutions

Lankelly Chase

  • Learning and insights into severe and multiple disadvantage 

Sheffield Hallam University - CRESR 

  • Research and evaluation experience with those people who are often marginalised in research


Using collective insight gathered by BAC-IN friends and peers, the goal is to establish and learn from a ‘new paradigm’ for services for BAME people facing multiple disadvantage at individual, family and community level.

Project Ahryzen Action Research Report 2019

Supporting BAME Communities facing multiple disadvantage


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